TVASNAC / by Eric Dunetz

On Monday the Town-Village Aircraft Safety Noise Abatement Committee will be meeting to discuss concerns over low flying planes and ways to control jet noise over affected communities near Kennedy Airport.


     Members of the long standing organization have asked that there be an equal distribution of flights onto the airports 8 runways. They have also called for a ban on low flying planes and a reduction of late night flights.  FAA officials have stated on numerous occasions that many factors go into determining runway usage such as wind direction, weather conditions, construction projects and noise abatement procedures.

     Participating communities include Atlantic Beach, Cenderhurst, East Williston, Floral Park, Garden City, Hewlett Harbor, Inwood, Lawrence, Long Beach, Malverne, New Hyde Park, Stewart Manor, Valley Stream and Woodburgh.

     The public is welcomed to attend this meeting which will be held at 7:30pm at the L.H Bennett Pavilion Hempstead Town Hall, 1 Washington st Hempstead.